We are all made up of the same parts and pieces, but every body is also unique in their movement patterns, experiences, injuries and traumas.  Our goal is to find the techniques and services that will work best for you and your body, to get you back to enjoying your lifestyle.  

Orthopedic Massage Therapy 

A Customized selection of techniques to fit your goals. 

30 Minutes : $45

60 Minutes : $80

90 Minutes : $110

120 Minutes : $150

*All prices shown include a discount for self-payment that is made in full on the date of service.  All other payment arrangements are charged the full rate of $30 per 15 minute unit

Medical Massage Therapy

This service may be covered by your health, auto injury, or workers compensation insurance.  We work in coordination with your health care provider to include massage in your overall treatment plan.  Call us to find out more information on billing insurance.  

This is a 60 minute service billed at the rate of $30 / 15 minute unit.  

Para-sympathetic and Relaxation Massage  

Designed to be a blissful relaxing experience, This encourages your body out of the stressful, fight or flight mode, and into the para-sympathetic state where your body can heal, digest, and repair your tissues.  This service is particularly helpful for anxiety, depression, and PTSD / traumas.

We recommend 60, 90, or 120 minute sessions

Pediatric & Adolescent Massage

Children and adolescents can frequently benefit from orthopedic massage for sports injuries, growing pains, anxiety and sleep disturbances, or aches and pains just like adults.  Depending on the age and reason for seeking a massage it may be best to start with a 30 minute appointment.  We require  parent or guardian to be present for all appointments for those under 18.  Depending on your child's age and both or your comfort levels, you will either be in the treatment room or in the lobby during their appointment.  Children and younger adolescents typically remain fully clothed while on the massage table.  Erika Finley has a certificate in Pediatric Massage from the Liddle Kids Foundation.  More information on pediatric massage can be found at