About Us

The Hälsa Experience

Hälsa has been offering quality massage therapy services in Sandpoint since 2018.  Owned and operated by Erika Finley LMT with 8+ years of experience in working with the Sandpoint community 

Our Techniques and Specialties

Your orthopedic massage practitioner will generally use a variety of soft-tissue techniques to loosen your muscles and connective tissues and help balance the tension around your joints.  Some commonly used techniques are :


Our Therapists

Erika Finley

I am fascinated by the human body, and intrigued by its injuries and compensations. In my practice I enjoy the challenge of finding the patterns and connections of function and dysfunction in the body to assist my clients in reaching whatever individual goals they bring to the table. I view the body as a puzzle of functioning units, interdependent, that work best in balance with one another.

I went to school at Three Oaks Academy and Integrative Therapy Clinic in Boise, ID where I focused on clinical approaches to massage therapy. I view it as a way to broaden the capacities of our heath care system as well as to bridge the gap between physical and mental or emotional health.

I use techniques of connective tissue/ myofascial release, neuromuscular / trigger point therapy, active engagement teqniques, and lymphatic drainage while maintaining a relaxing approach to reach the individual goals of each client.